Healthcare Innovation: Top 5 Benefits of a RTM Solution

Healthcare providers have become accustomed to innovating patient care delivery oftentimes via the use of technology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, we have the [...]

Link Home Therapy Selects Owlytics Healthcare’s Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Solution to enhance senior care

Link Home Therapy will be the first organization to implement a RTM Solution and leverage new Medicare RTM codes, to improve patient’s care and boost revenues.

Owlytics Healthcare CEO Gill Zaphrir, on the Future of Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Research

Owlytics Healthcare CEO Gill Zaphrir, on the Future of Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Research. The market is flooded with self-monitoring wearables, but not all wearables offer the same features [...]

Owlytics Healthcare Launches Enterprise Health Analytics Solution for Multiple Sclerosis Research Studies

Following the successful introduction of the validated analytics solution for a research study focused on Parkinson’s disease, Owlytics Healthcare, together with its research partner Tel-Aviv [...]

Owlytics’ MS Smartwatch Goes Through First Validation Stage

Owlytics Healthcare, in partnership with Tel-Aviv Medical Center in Israel, has taken its smartwatch — designed to monitor symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) from afar — through a first stage of [...]

Owlytics Healthcare has announced the release of its validated Multiple Sclerosis monitoring and analytics service

Owlytics Healthcare and its research partner Tel-Aviv Medical Center have announced the 1st validation stage of MS metrics for the continuous remote monitoring and analytics solution to measure [...]

Israeli smartwatch monitors health from afar amid COVID-19 pandemic

Owlytics users can now leverage Samsung ECG Monitor app

Owlytics awarded a grant for a $1.3 million program to develop a solution that enhances treatment of Multiple-Sclerosis

Aggressive treatment with these medications as early as possible can lower the relapse rate, slow the formation of new lesions, and potentially reduce risk of brain atrophy and disability accumulation

Remote and reliable data – a key to success for pharma studies

The novel coronavirus sent pharmaceutical companies racing to innovate new treatments and repurpose old ones, as the development of a vaccine continues. At the same time, we’re struggling to find [...]

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