How It Works


Smart Health Watch

The smart, SIM-based watch is worn by users to collect vital health information such as time & date, steps, activity, bouts, heartbeat, heart rate variability, calories, sleep and wake-up patterns. Works independently, without the need for a cell phone. Watch activation and user-interface are simple and easy to operate.

Activity Parkinson’s Disease Multiple Sclerosis Stroke Recovery
% Activity
Steps Count
Fall Event
Night Wake-Ups
Morning Wake-Up Time
Steady State Walking Speed 


Collected Data

Continuous data is collected from the watch and sent to our cloud-based, AI software via the cellular network with no need for any infrastructure installed at the participant’s home or at the clinic.


Comprehensive Analyzed Data with Web-Based Dashboard Reporting

Owlytics uses proprietary algorithms, verified by a leading academic clinical research center to convert raw data into a variety of validated, population-specific measures. High resolution, raw data is easily exported for advanced customized analytics on a personal or group basis. This provides clinical teams access to objective and accurate data collected from trial participants.

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