Neurology Patient Monitoring

Objective, continuous and reliable motion
and physiology data monitoring and analysis
of Validated Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis Metrics

Objective Data Assessment

Leverage remote and continuous data monitoring and analysis to prevent potential biases from occurring in traditional methods of data collection and verification

Real Life Continuous Data Collection

Smart Watch based continuous measuring and trending of user’s daily activity without interfering with their normal lifestyle

Cost Effective

Remote system management reduces the number of clinic consultations, travel time, and ensures social distancing recommendations for subjects participating in clinical studies.

Leverage academic algorithms

Owlytics partnered with Tel Aviv Hospital’s Neurology Department and Research lab to leverage algorithms that convert raw data into validated, objective outcome measures

Ease of use

Easy deployment by clinics as well as integration into clinical workflow and research protocols

Contact free solution

Completely remote, no contact, automatic data collection, installation and support

The Solution

  • Physiology Monitoring
    Continuous rich physiology and motion monitoring data sets.
  • Reporting Tools
    Reporting and analytics on an individual or group basis.
  • Personal Progression Status
  • Patient Watch-based Symptoms Self-reporting
  • In-Trial and Home Service Data Screening
    Help guarantee the integrity of your study data with in-trial data screening, include wear compliance verification, site error checks and queries, and monitoring for changes in participant’s activity or sleep levels.
  • Data Configuration & Transfers
    Our Data Management team can configure your study data to match the specifications of the trial. This includes filtering the data to provide protocol-specific endpoints.
  • Reminders
    The System can be programmed to remind the patient to register that they’ve taken their medication, at their prescribed times, and to charge the watch when the battery is low.
  • Activity Tagging
    An event marker on the watch allows for clinics to capture TUG, Wake-ups and other simulated activities to enhance data validation and accuracy.

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