Owlytics Healthcare has announced the release of its validated Multiple Sclerosis monitoring and analytics service

Owlytics Healthcare and its research partner Tel-Aviv Medical Center have announced the 1st validation stage of MS metrics for the continuous remote monitoring and analytics solution to measure [...]

Owlytics awarded a grant for a $1.3 million program to develop a solution that enhances treatment of Multiple-Sclerosis

Aggressive treatment with these medications as early as possible can lower the relapse rate, slow the formation of new lesions, and potentially reduce risk of brain atrophy and disability accumulation

Fellowship Square-mesa Senior Living Provider Deploys Owlytics’ Personal Health And Fall Monitoring Solution, Fully Installed And Serviced Remotely

Owlytics Healthcare, a provider of personal health and fall monitoring solutions for seniors, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Fellowship Square-Mesa, part of Christian Care, the [...]

Owlytics continuous Remote Patient Monitoring is based on a personal base-line capturing, for each and every user

The AI-based technology provides “remote patient-monitoring solutions for independent and assisted living facilities, homecare agencies and other services that provide a high level of personal [...]