Elevating Senior Care

with our Fall Detection,
Fall Prevention and Personalized
Health Monitoring Solution

Completely remote, no contact,
installation and support

Enhanced Staff Efficiency

The most accurate fall detection and prevention solution on the market with the lowest false alarm rate ensures higher quality and efficient care

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Offer a premium personalized continuous care solution to differentiate your organization, resulting in greater resident satisfaction and increased occupancy rates

Reimbursable Costs

Provide a superior service that can be covered by Medicare under remote patient monitoring CPT codes that are now available for wearables that monitors vital signs

Zero Infrastructure Cost

The Owlytics solution is the only safety solution that requires no investment in infrastructure and can be implemented immediately

Promote Resident Safety

Improve resident safety and independence while reducing health complications & potential need for hospitalizations

The Solution

  • The Owlytics solution is designed to continuously and automatically detect falls, support assessment of both fall risk and wellness.
  • We combine the most stylish, brand recognized smart watches with our Artificial Intelligence driven analytics to create a personalized health monitoring solution.
  • The smart watch incorporates a senior-friendly display and is able to locate the resident anywhere in case of an emergency in both indoor and outdoor environments using GPS.

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