Fall Prevention

The Owlytics solution provides caregivers with continuous data and indications which support fall-risk assessment, conducted by the clinical team, with no interruption to the resident’s daily routine. When high risk is detected a notification is automatically sent to the staff.

The Owlytics assessment is conducted multiple times a day unlike typical assessments that are usually conducted just once a year. This assessment uses most elements found in common fall risk assessments, including: medication change, physiological trends, gait, sleeping duration and wake-ups and historical data.


Fall Detection

The Owlytics system provides the most accurate automatic fall detection in the market, boasting a 90% accuracy rate and less than 5% false alarm rate.

It is the only solution available today that simultaneously incorporates three advanced technologies: an accelerometer to detect motion, physiological parameters and deep machine learning algorithms based on data collected from thousands of falls.

Wellness Status Monitoring

The Owlytics solution detects potential changes in a resident’s wellness and alerts the care provider before the onset of potential complications or the need for diagnostics.

By monitoring physiological parameters and activity levels, we create a profile for each resident. When deviation from that profile is detected, the care provider is informed and can then take appropriate action.


Personal Emergency Response

In case of an emergency, the resident can press the call button on the watch to call for help.

The watch automatically alerts caregivers and identifies the user’s location in both indoor and outdoor environments using GPS. The caregivers can immediately call back and connect automatically with the resident’s watch using cellular networks.

Tracking Activities
of Daily Living

The activities of daily living (ADLs) are both essential and routine aspects of self-care.

Such activities include eating, drinking, bathing, toileting, walking, sitting and sleeping. Any changes in these behaviors can be an indication of emerging health or functional problems. The Owlytics solution measures and analyzes these ADL patterns, and more importantly, identifies any deviations, resulting in early warnings for potential wellness problems.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Simplified Patient Monitoring

Patient data is aggregated and presented on simple dashboards in real-time, allowing clinicians to view expanded patient snapshots, prioritize patient care and respond to abnormal vital signs trends.

Proactive Care

Continuous monitoring with a proactive and automatic alert system based on real-time data, patient trends and historical personal data.

Medicare Reimbursement

Increased monthly revenue opportunities via Remote Patient Monitoring CPT codes.

Engaged Patients

Appealing and easy-to-use watch that enhances patient’s compliance and willingness to continuously wear the watch, improve patient engagement and allow more accurate, vital-sign monitoring, and healthy lifestyle drive via activity reporting.

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